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Just a not-so-quick update because I am always flooded with questions on Book 2, and I'd like to fill you all in with what's going on. 🙂

As most of you know, my health issues lasted MUCH longer than I anticipated. Long story short, I was unable to balance it all and had to make an extremely difficult decision to take a step back and focus on healing. I HATED cancelling multiple signings and putting the sequel on hold. I thought it would help me, but I found myself even more stressed. However, the most important thing to me is getting the book done RIGHT, and I knew if I didn't focus on my health, my work would suffer--and that's NOT okay with me. Ever.

Please forgive me for being so cryptic about my health situation this past year--I will explain in greater detail in the future so you will understand a bit better. I know some of you will understand completely. I am doing just fine--I am not dying! ;) Although, I had a procedure done a few weeks ago that confirmed I will be having another surgery. (But this is actually a positive thing! As I stated earlier, I will explain everything to you guys at a later date.)

I haven't shared much with you guys this year because to be honest, I just want to get this next book into your hands without a bunch of jibber jabber. I'm not into the jibber jabber, I'm into delivering. I don't want to tease things, or discuss the new covers that are being developed, or have the sequel sitting on your TBR list on Goodreads for a year, you know? That's why I keep quiet. It doesn't feel right to me. Just know a lot is happening behind the scenes, guys, I promise.

The bottom line is, we all want the same thing--the series released! And that is my main focus. I just have ONE more hurtle, you guys. My surgery is next week and I'll be laid up for a couple weeks. BUT! After that I will be able to write my butt off and I will not stop until Book 2 AND 3 are complete! That is my promise to you.

So enough of the jibber jabber, when's the release?! I know, I know. That's all you want to hear from me. But listen....I'm not giving you one. No dates, no time frame. As much as I would love to, I will not even allude to the time frame until I have the actual real deal set-in-stone date for you. With the way the past year has gone, I don't want to put the cart before the horse. (Pardon the cliché.🙄) I don't want to do that again. You have all been incredible to me--so much more than I ever anticipated. I won't let you down. ❤️

I will tell you this... TFoG was deceptively long. Novels are typically 70k-90k words...TFoG is 220.5k words. 😳 You just don't realize this because you all soar through it in a freaking DAY, some of you in just a few hours. EVERY one of you have told me that. Personally, I love fast-paced books packed with storyline and dialogue, and that's why I write my books this way. I don't like to waste any time. 😘 Book 2 has about 90k written the last time I checked...maybe more now? So if that gives you an idea of where I'm at, there you go. (Yes, it's already the size of normal novels.) I have a TON written, but so much more to write. There's so much to this story and I hope you love it as much as I do. ❤️ (I have a feeling you guys will plow through the pages of this one, too. In fact, I KNOW you will.)

Because of my surgery, I will be taking the rest of the month off on this page. Until then...

Here are a few FAQs I can answer:

Q. How many books will be in the series?

A. This series will be a trilogy. There's so much more to come!

Q. Does the sequel follow Kaley and Elijah or is it about other character's from TFoG?

A. The entire series is Kaley's story, told from her POV. Her story arc will span across all three books, and I've enjoyed watching her grow. However, you will get a teeny bit of Slate's POV in Book 2. 😉 There are some scenes that Kaley's not in, but I want the reader to see. So you'll actually get to know a few things that Kaley is completely unaware of....Makes it interesting, to say the least.

Q. Will we get to see any more of Jace in the sequel?!?!?!

A. Okay, breathe. 😘 Yes, Jace has a much larger role in the next book.

Q. Please, for the love of God, WHEN WILL BOOK 2 BE RELEASED?! I've read TFoG 5 times already!!

A. First of all, I love you. Hard. But I can't give a date just yet. Hang in there! I will say this: I am writing Book 2 and Book 3 back-to-back so they can be released close together. (Sucky now, FANTASTIC later.)

Q. Will you be giving away any ARCs?

A. I have already promised several readers an Advanced Reading Copy as soon as they're ready. If you're going to be in the Phoenix area on Oct. 8, I will be at the Valley of the Sun signing and will be allowing a limited number of signed Book 2 ARCs to be purchased for $10. They will be shipped to you for free as soon as they're available. (Professional bloggers will get the same offer, but at no cost.) As for any other ARCs, I may have some giveaways leading up to the release date. :)

Okay, guys. If you've read this far, you're the best! There is so much more to come, and I can't wait to share it with you all. I promise you, I am just as antsy as you are, and I will announce the release date EVERYWHERE when it happens. You will NOT miss it. (You can also sign up for my newsletter on the desktop version of my Facebook page. You will only receive an email when I have an important announcement to share, so don't worry about being flooded with emails or anything.) If you're never on your desktop, email me at KellyStevensonAuthor@gmail(dot)com, or drop me a message through this website, and let me know that you want to be added to my newsletter, and I'll take care of it for you. You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram. The links are on my website.

Thank you a million times over for understanding that health and family comes first, and for all your well-wishes and prayers, kindness, and patience. Several of you have given me some of the most touching and thoughtful gifts, messages, and letters I have ever received in my ENTIRE life. (And that's not hyperbole!) I've been blessed by you all more than you will ever know. Thank you for loving this story as much as I do.

All My Love, Kelly

P.S. I need to have a real moment here: Can we just admit that at least we weren't left on a HUGE cliffhanger? I mean, at least we can enjoy the fact that they're happy and blissful right now, right? ;) Let's hold on to that feeling because let me tell you--we've only scratched the surface with these two. Much more to come! (Sorry, I said I wouldn't tease!😉)

Okay, I'm off! Have an amazing September (my favorite month!), and enjoy the fresh start of a new school year, pumpkin spice everything, leaves changing (if you don't live in the desert like me), football season, and decorating for Fall! I decorated on Aug. 31...I have yet to make it to September.🙈 So close this time! Ha! I will be back next month here and there, but I will remain pretty quiet until these books are done. Trust me, as soon as I have serious production dates and these books start to release, I'll be much more active on here. :) You can always contact me--I know I got behind, but I tried to get to everyone. Just beware, I pretty much answered all I'm going to answer about the books at this time. xoxo

xo, KS

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