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Last Chance to Own First Edition of TFoG!

Hey guys! I just wanted to pop in and give you all a quick heads up. The second edition of The Force of Gravity will be released next month! This means that the first edition will no longer be available. Like, ever again. The second edition will have new interior formatting, as well as a brand new cover. (Say what?!) Crazy, I know. I absolutely love the original cover, but I'm excited to reveal the new one--especially since it will flow seamlessly with the next two covers in the series. (Don't panic. The new cover is the same . . . just different. Ha! ;) It's beautiful, you'll see.) So, if you know that you want a copy of the first edition to add to your bookshelf, hurry and grab yourself a copy! It's available online through most retailers. (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Books-a-Million, etc.) If you'd like a SIGNED copy of the first edition, please click here and order one from me personally. I know I had to cancel multiple signings these past two years and I want to give you guys the opportunity for a signed first edition. THE DEADLINE TO ORDER A SIGNED COPY IS DEC. 31. (I will be ordering my last shipment of books the first week of January, and orders will go out soon after that.)

I'll let you guys know when the second edition is available as soon as I know. I hope you are all enjoying the holidays! I'm excited for 2017.... ;)

xo, KS

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