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Kelly Stevenson Author


Daydreaming has finally paid off . . . 


“I was constantly in detention for daydreaming in class. I can't tell you how many recesses I missed out on. I was always that kid who was forced to sit at the lone desk next to the chalkboard, so the teacher could keep an eye on me. It didn’t matter what they stripped away from me, though; I couldn’t be stopped. I would turn my erasers into characters and play in my desk. Then, if those were taken from me, my fingers became characters, or I would stare at a wall, or out the window, creating new stories in my head. The thing is, you don’t need any physical thing to imagine. And that frustrated my teachers to no end.” 


                                                                              Kelly Stevenson             


During a short summer break from college, Kelly Stevenson looked forward to reading novels for pleasure instead of assigned readings from dry textbooks. In the mood for her favorite theme--forbidden romance--she became restless, reading several books that were enjoyable, but not quite what she was searching for. After weeks of frustration, she decided to sit down and write the book she wanted to read--for nothing more than her own personal entertainment. As the summer progressed, one scene quickly turned into another, and before she knew it, she had completed her first novel before she was due back at school in the fall. Encouraged by her English professors, and two honest and trustworthy friends, Stevenson decided to go the publishing route and release her book to the world the following summer. Much to her surprise, Force of Gravity became an instant hit and a national bestseller, leaving Stevenson humbled that so many people loved her story as much as she did. 


When Stevenson is not writing, she enjoys horseback riding, escaping to Disneyland, and spending time with her beloved sheepdog.

Kelly Stevenson is the national bestselling author of Force of Gravity. Stay tuned for the next two installments of the Gravity series.

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Kelly Stevenson

National Bestselling Author

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