The Second Edition is Here! (And Rare Sale!)

The Second Edition of Force of Gravity is HERE and it's on a RARE SALE! Only 99 cents for a limited time! Grab it for yourself or gift it to a fellow book-lover HERE:

And check out the new cover! (I received the first proof of the paperback last week and it is STUNNING.) Designed by the incredibly talented Regina Wamba, I couldn't be more proud of this fresh take on Force of Gravity. (Did you notice we dropped "The" from the title?) I would also like to thank Penelope Douglas for gracing my book with her presence! It's an absolute honor. (Did you know her latest novella dropped today? Grab it here:

I'll admit, it was a little scary to change the design of a cover that received such recognition, but I couldn't be happier. If it takes you a moment to adjust, don't worry--I had to do the same. But now I love it even more than the original--and listen, once you see all three covers side-by-side, you'll freak. (In a good way!) It's so hard to keep them to myself right now; they are SO GOOD. (!!!) But until then, The Force of Gravity (TFoG) is now Force of Gravity (FoG) and I am hard at work over here, trying to get the rest of this series in your hands THIS YEAR. So while I won't be super active on social media (I will check in from time-to-time and you can always contact me right here through my website), it is for good reason. (I'm writing!)

I hope 2017 has been good to you all so far. I'm doing my best to make the rest of the year even better for ya! ;) I'll be in touch.

xo, KS

PS For those of you who purchased signed First Editions, your orders are in and will be shipped out on Friday. So keep an eye out next week! And a big THANK YOU to all who ordered--we had a great response. :) The original will always be very special to me, and I'm touched that many of you feel the same. xo

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